Global Service Design Jam ’14


“The Global Service Jam is a non-profit volunteer activity organized by an informal network of service design afficinados, who all share a common passion for growing the field of service design and customer experience”

Our proposal is for a disaster relief scenario where innovative packaging has a continued second life beyond the immediate aid response. The service connects charitable organisations with a wider, engaged consumer base and create new partnerships with other organisations.

The team consisted of fellow designers Kate Saunders and Jake Amies, along with Phd student Helen, local business man Upesh and mentor Kostja from Fjord. Together we spent every waking hour of that weekend designing our service, products and business model, as shown in the above video and photos.

The weekend was highly success, earning a mention as the project that would produce the greatest social impact and teaching valuable skills in working with non-designers during ideation and presentation preparation.


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