Xp// Fresh Blood (Sweat & Tears)

Last month saw 24 plucky, young students from That Awesome Design Association (TADA!), of Loughborough University, tackle two unique briefs to design consumer experiences – one for a future cashless society, the other tackling rising energy prices. Fresh of face and wide of eye, the TADA members (an eclectic mix of artists, designers and engineers) and I had no preconceived notion of what was actually ‘done’ at an Experience Design Agency. However, it was most reassuring when spotted, the sheer volume of Post-It notes that adorned the walls. Welcomed to Foolproof by Polly, Lauren and Jude, we were taken through the steps and concepts that Foolproof use to generate their service solutions for their clients. Feeling ready and raring to chomp at the metaphorical bit, we split into teams to undertake one of two design challenges. The design challenges Brief one saw two teams looking into their crystal balls, exploring the possible uses of the spaces left by ATMs as society chose to become fully cash-less. Brief two saw the other two teams look into how energy monitoring and wellbeing could go hand-in-hand for the older members of society. The day was spent narrowing down specific users, environments and utilising this […]
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Xp// Visiting Joseph JosephH

Joseph Joseph opened its doors wide last week to welcome TADA, the Design society at Loughborough, and I  through their doors for an afternoon of what Joseph Joseph do, how they operate and their design process. Arriving, we were ushered into an immense room lined with every Joseph Joseph product you could imagine! From their infamous chopping board, to their floating spoons and garlic crushers, all laid out for us to play with whilst we awaited the presentation. The session started with Daniel Barnes, Design Manager, talking us through the Design process at Joseph Joseph, how they develop products for market and the timescales they have to stick to in order to hit the timetables of the retail outlets. Daniel emphasised the Joseph Joseph brand values, that ‘functional point of excellent’ combined with the ‘delight factor’ to create products that people what and buy, but also have ‘givability’ – the ability to be given as a present. The presentation was followed with a Q&A with one half of Joseph Joseph’s big cheeses – Anthony Joseph, whom took questions on all manner of topics, from product specific, to the model making process and gleaning consumer insights. All in all, it was an […]
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