CBS Sustainable Work Surface


Colebrook Bosson Saunders, award-winning designers of ergonomic IT furniture, commissioned a piece of work to look into the future of working behavior, to generate concepts for the title ‘Sustainable Workspaces’.

I approached the project with a mixture of research into desk usage, work behaviour, emerging materials & technologies, combined with creative thinking group sessions, wherein we challenged market, user and product assumptions. Using this I envisaged products and scenarios that would disrupt the current market.

I saw a growing trend for young professions to work from home, but noticed the difficulties of keeping work & life seperate in their small homes.

The output was a dining table, with the hidden functionality of a work and storage space; reducing the need for 2 pieces of furniture. The piece is made of oak, which ages beautiful with the consumer, bonding them together for greater product life-span.