Quiksilver Promo Widget


Working with my team, the project included the initial design, molding modifications, mold-flow analysis, milling, branding and mass manufacture.

Taking my initial design, I worked up the model in CAD, using this to produce 2 mold blocks for CNC.  After much planning, I worked through the inserts needed to capture the design intent and began hand-making them.

Once I began injection molding, I had to tinker with the pressure & hold time to minimise the flashing of the LDPE. The reason for LDPE was for it’s self-lubricating, flexible nature, would assist the smooth insertion of the finkey, whilst also fitting in with the brand value/surf ethos of ‘take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints’ as it’s the most commonly recycled, commercial polymer.

Concurrent to this workstream, I began designing and building the in-store Point of Sale, playing with the surf shack essence that is so integral to the Quiksilver brand.