The Lynx Black Collection


The Lynx Black Collection is a premium fragrance experience, with a wide wardrobe of scents tailored to its consumers. Sold through online channels, delivered directly to consumers’ homes, the initial pilot consisted of 100 units and in under 2 months, sold out and attracted interest from over 17 000+ consumers.

I joined the project half way through the pilot phase, taking over the role of the voice of the Lynx Black Collection, responding to emails, calls and orders from consumers. Once orders where received, I inputted the data into our management system, taking responsibility for pulling together the completed order, invoice slips and preparing for delivery.

As one half of the fulfilment team, I was involved in hand-filling each cartridge, tracking each component numbers and shrink wrapping each unit, ready for posting.

Finally, after another 2 months we called the products, in order to download the usage data that had been recorded on each device. Once again I was on the frontline, asking consumers to return their product in exchange for a full refund and Lynx thank you gifts. Once received, I tracked, cleaned and downloaded the data from each consumer, then arranged refunds and packed the gift bags.

Using this downloaded data, we were able to determine the consumption rates and usage patterns of the consumers. Extrapolating this data, we built up an informed business case to present to Senior Stakeholders to push into the next stage of development.